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We happy to announce “sign up” is now available for our tables.
Please read “need to know” information below.


Tables 1-3
UFO TV; Tim Crawford

Table 4: HELD

Table 5: HELD

Tables 6 & 7:

Table 8:

Table 9:

Tables 10 & 11:

Tables 12 & 13:

Table 14: HELD

Tables 15 & 16: HELD

Tables 17 & 18:

Table 19:

Table 20:

Tables 21 & 22
KCOR Radio, Tina Marie Caouette

Tables 23, 24 & 25:

Table 26:

Table 27:

Table 28:

Table 29:

Table 30:

Table 31:

Table 32:

Table 33: HELD

Table 34: HELD

Table 35: HELD

Table 36:

Table 37:

Table 38:

Table 39:

Table 40:

Table 41: HELD

Table 42: HELD

Table 43:

Table 44:

Table 45:






COSTS PER TABLE ENTIRE CONFERENCE: $350 first table, $300 second table, $250 third table.

SHARED TABLE SPACE: We will allow 2 vendors per table. Please be sure to fill out vendor information for both vendors.

SHARED VENDOR TABLES FOR 4-DAY INTERVALS: If you can only be with us the “First 4-Days” or the “Last 4-Days” of the conference, You will be added to a waiting list to split the table space with another vendor. The cost will be $200 for each “4-Day” vendor. The “switch out day” will be Wednesday, 3/27 (can vary). The change-over will need to take place before or after the lunch break during a speaking presentation. No change-over during any breaks or lunch hour. If no one wants to share the weekly cost, you will need to pay $350 for the week, even if you will not be there for the entire time. Please email: Lorien@ufoMEGAcon.com if you are interested in being a “4-Day” vendor and sharing. PLEASE NOTE: you don’t need to be there “4-Days” to share, you can be with us 2 or 3 Days, but cost is the same – $200.


  • Saturday—March 23:  10:00 AM – 10:00 PM – SET UP
  • Sunday thru Friday—March 24-29:  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM – OPEN
  • Saturday—March 30:  8:00 AM – 6:00 PM – OPEN
  • Saturday—March 30:  6:00 PM – 10pm – MOVE OUT

(Checking to see if Sunday from 8:00 AM to 12 NOON can be added for MOVE OUT; so if you want to attend the Banquet you can.)
Schedule subject to change if necessary.


  • Most tables are 6’ long X 2 1/2’ wide, and have draping. 2 chairs will also be provided with each table; except in the case of multiple tables purchased. Please let us know the number of chairs needed – up to 2 per table.
  • The hotel will not allow us to tack or tape things to the walls. During set-up, hotel personnel can hang a few small items for vendors. Their may be a charge.
  • Tables # [6 & 7], [10 & 11] , [12 & 13], [15 $16] [17 & 18] are sold as groups of Two Tables and [23, 24 & 25] is available as a group of Three Tables.
  • If you need electricity, there is a $50 entire week charge. The hotel will be adding heavy duty power strips to the outlets and allowing the people who have purchased electricity to access them.
    The outlets the hotel will be granting access to are located along the walls where tables # 1 – 22 are located. Please bring your own extension cords. Be sure they are long enough.
    All extension cords must be a heavy duty, grounded UL approved type, and you must bring professional “gaffer’s tape” or cord covers to secure any cords in open areas. Any cords or fixtures determined to be a hazard will be removed.
  • No smoking or burning of incense will be allowed in the exhibit room. No loud equipment or activities will be allowed.
  • Only merchandise and/or services listed on your application may be offered. Tables may not be sub-let to other vendors.
  • The exhibit room is locked at night, and hotel security staff checks the room at regular intervals. Staff Security and Professional Security will monitor the room also during the night. Once the vendor room is closed and vacated, Vendors will not be allowed back into the room.
  • Unattended tables are the responsibility of Vendor. If you would like to cover your tables when you are not there, you will need to bring your own tablecloths.
  • Sales Tax permits and reporting forms will be provided at time of check-in. You will be required to collect and remit Nevada Sales Tax.
  • The convention center does not allow outside food or beverages to be brought into the facility. This also includes foods bought in other parts of the hotel.
  • The 3 foot perimeter area around the room must be kept clear at all times as an emergency/fire escape route. Please do not put chairs, boxes or supplies there.
  • You are allowed one more person to work with you at your table.
  • The price of the Vendor Tables DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCESS TO THE SPEAKERS OR OTHER EVENTS. For $99 per person you can purchase a vendor ticket to be able to attend events. When emailing Lorien, let her know you would like to purchase a pass(es) as well.

Name, Phone number(s), Address, Email, Website, Name of Business, Description of what you are selling.

SIGN-UP BY EMAILING Lorien@ufoMEGAcon.com – include above info and WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCT YOU WILL BE SELLING. Then reserve your table# HERE.