• 7 Days of Speakers (3/24-3/30)
  • All Film Nights (including Sat. 3/23)
  • Wed. 3/27 & Fri. 3/29 Special Events
  • 3 MEALS:
    — Sunday 3/24 – Pizza/Pasta Bar with Wine
    — Wednesday 3/27 – Taco Bar with Beer
    — Saturday 3/30 – Buffet Banquet with Wine, Keynote, Special Guests, Raffle, Live Music and MORE!


  • 4 DAYS OF SPEAKERS (3/24-25-26-27)
  • All Film Nights on dates above (including 3/23)
  • Wed. 3/27 “Military Whistleblowers” Special Event
  • 2 MEALS:
    — Sunday 3/24 – Pizza/Pasta Bar with Wine
    — Wednesday 3/27 – Taco Bar with Beer


  • 4-DAYS OF SPEAKERS (3/27-28-29-30)
  • Wed. 3/27 “Military Whistleblowers” Special Event
  • Thur. 3/28 Film Night
  • Fri. 3/29 “George Noory Night” Special Event
  • 2 MEALS:
    — Wednesday 3/27 Taco Bar with Beer
    — Saturday 3/30 Buffet Banquet with Wine, Keynote, Special Guests, Raffle, Live Music and MORE!


Saturday 3/23, Tuesday 3/26, Thursday 3/28

Monday 2/25 & Friday 3/29

dates & times TBA

Fees and Appointment Times Set by Mr. Colburn (appointment sign up sheet coming soon!)


UFO SIGHTING SKYWATCH with Military Nightvision Goggles - Sat. 3/23 - Tues. 3/26 - Thur. 3/28 - At the "Ancient Petroglyph Site" with MELINDA LESLIE

Join us to kick-off this incredible conference week with a per-conference UFO Sighting Sky Watch with Military Night Vsion Goggles (NVGs) on Saturday night 3/23, as well as two “during conference” UFO Sighting Sky Watch, Tuesday 3/26 and Thursday 3/28, with Melinda Leslie and her wonderful “Sky Watch Ground Crew” of skilled NVG UFO sighting experts. For more information about Melinda and her UFO Sighting tours in Sedona, Arizona, please visit: http://www.UFOSightingTours.com.

We are limited to having only 50 people each night due to the sharing of equipment. But, to assure lots of UFO sighting opportunities, each night we’ll break out into 5 small groups of ONLY 10 people each and share 3 pairs of goggles per each group. This way we insure everyone will get plenty of time with the goggles. Since only 10 people are sharing 3 pairs the ENTIRE TWO PLUS HOURS OF VIEWING TIME, you’re sure to lots of sighting! No other conference has ever provided this much NVG viewing time! More viewing time with the goggles means more UFO sightings!

NVGs allow you to see over 50,000 times more light than is possible with the naked eye and increases your changes of having a UFO sighting by 50,000 times! We also see over 50,000 times more stars than is possible with the naked eye. You haven’t star gazed til you’ve done so with NVGs!

Join Melinda as she explains how best to see, or “spot”, real UFOs and distinguish true “unidentified” objects from identified ones; such as commercial and military aircraft, shooting stars, and of course, satellites. Melinda says that once you know the basics, ruling out these “known” objects is easy, and then what you’re left with are ones that may make turns, zig zag, shoot off, or even fly in formation!

We’ll also use high-powered green lasers to point out what we are seeing tin the sky and to flash at these UFOs (taking extra care not to laser any planes). When you flash at the objects they often flash back! So come join us for an exciting event spotting UFOs with NVGs.

People who are driving to the conference are asked to assist us by taking attendees without transportation to the UFO Sky Watch from the Aquarius Hotel. It’s only a short distance to the viewing location, a less than 15 minute drive. When registering you will be asked if you have a car to transport others, and how many you can accommodate. As well, you will be asked if you need a ride.


Please be sure and register for the UFO Sighting Sky Watch on this website prior to the conference, we are sure to fill up all three night way in advance. This event is not included included in the conference packages. This is a three hour event with over 2 full hours of NVG viewing for the low cost of only $20 per person and must be purchased SEPARATELY. To register, please see the ticketing page by clicking the button below.

  • Saturday 3/23 we meet OUTSIDE the lobby front doors at 6pm. Right outside the big revolving door in the middle of the hotel entrance. Saturday night we’ll wind-up the viewing out at the location around 9pm.
  • Tuesday 3/26 and Thursday 3/28 we met again OUTSIDE the lobby front doors at 7pm. Again, right outside the big revolving door in the middle of the hotel entrance. Tuesday and Thursday we’ll wind-up the viewing out at the location prior to 10pm.
  • Everyone needs to be ON TIME meeting outside the hotel lobby to be assigned passengers if you are a driver; and to be assigned a driver if you are a passenger. If late you may be stuck without a ride to the viewing location.
  • Cars will leave AFTER ONLY 15 minutes, as we get cars pulling up to the front entrance and loading people.
  • If you are driving from the hotel with passengers be sure those same people come back to the hotel with you. “You drive ’em out, you drive ’em back”.
  • Once there at the viewing location, Melinda and her expert “Sky Watch Ground Crew” will collect your tickets and give you instructions on the equipment use and everything you need to know to insure the best UFO sighting experience.
  • Your ticket, instructions on what to wear, guidelines for better UFO viewing success, and safety precautions, will be provided in your registration packet at conference check in for all UFO Sky Watch registrants. If attending the Sat. 3/23 UFO Sky Watch be sure and check in at the conference registration table to get your ticket and instructions, way ahead of meeting outside.
  • Maps with simple driving instructions from the hotel to the viewing location will also be provided in your conference registration packet along with an internet link for using mapquest or google GOPS on your smart phones for those prefer it.
  • A map will be distributed and cell phone navigational coordinates will be printed on the handout.


  • IMPORTANT: Wear closed toes shoes that cover your entire foot. (no sandals or flip flops) We are in the desert after all…
  • Bring warm clothing, it’s likely to be cold those nights. We recommend a heavy coat, scarves, hats, etc. Please check the night weather for Laughlin, Nevada before coming to the conference so you know what you need to keep you comfortably warm  for over 2 hours out in the desert at night.
  • If driving to the conference, please bring a camp or beach chair to sit on. If you have spare chairs, and room in your car, it would be wonderful if you would bring “spares to share”. We really appreciate it.
  • If you have any high powered binoculars or your own military night vision googles, etc. we welcome you bringing them.
  • Bring a great attitude and sense of adventure – you’re going to see UFO’s!



FEE: $5 per Session

LIMITED SEATING! We are limiting each group to 25 people per session. If demand is high for particular topics sessions, and we sell seats out on line quickly, we will be adding more group sessions per day.
SIGN UP AND RESERVE YOUR SEAT: In mid-January you will be able to purchase your “seat” at any or all of the intimate experiencers groups.

Join our many Hypnotherapist and/or MFT Therapists in one of our break-out Experiencer Group sessions. We are introducing the “Gold Standard” of Experiencer Groups at UFO MEGA CON – the “Intimate Experiencer Group”.

The backstory…

In 2016 Lorien Fenton (Conscious Community Events) produced UFO CON: The Experiencer Event in Sacramento, CA where 12 Experiencers took the stage sharing their amazing contact. The criteria presented to each speaker was that you could not just tell the story of your contact experience, but needed to try, to the best of your ability, to describe your ET’s physical appearance and demeanor and, more importantly, the relationship you have/had with this being(s). Basically, how you interacted and what the connection was. They stories covered ET’s ranging from angels to demons, reptilians to light beings, greys to fairies.

As part of the conference, Lorien decided it was time for the experiencer group leaders to also become specific in their approach to working with the group attendees. Just as certain therapists specialize in addiction, depression, fear and anxiety, etc. Lorien explained to the group leaders that they would overseeing groups of “specifically defined contact”. Hence, the “Intimate Experiencer Group” was born.

For UFO MEGA CON our Therapists and I are meeting soon to decide on the topic for each of the specific groups. They will include some of this list:

  • Experiences with Greys
  • Experiences with Reptilians
  • Experiences with perceived Light Beings, or Angels, or higher dimensional beings like the “Ascended Masters”
  • Experiences with perceived demonic, or Satanic, or malevolent other dimensional beings
  • Having only experienced seeing a UFO (no memory of anything else)
  • Having no experiences at all – that you can remember – but being compelled to attend UFO conferences, watch UFO and Alien TV shows, listen UFO and Alien related radio/podcasts, etc.
  • No Alien contact but “Out of Body” experiences
  • No Alien contact but Psychic abilities


Hypnotherapist / MFT’s who will be joining us at UFO MEGA CON and leading our Intimate Experiencer Groups:  Barbara Lamb – Miesha Johnson – Mary Rodwell – Howard Batie (not confirmed) – Carol McCloud (not confirmed) – AND MORE to be announced.


** This event is included in the 4 & 7 Day Packages!!

Join film maker, BOB KIVIAT, while he interviews Senior Chief KEVIN DAY and Petty Officer GARY VOORHIS from CIC of the Nimitz Incident. We are in the processing of getting others involved to come forward (maybe for the first time at UFO MEGA CON).

You will hear first hand accounts, and get to the truth of what really happened during those training missions to these men and women – our brave Military Service People.

GEORGE NOORY FRIDAY NIGHT - Friday 3/29 (included**)

** This event is included in the 4 & 7 Day Packages!!

Join George Noory as he dishes out fun and prizes! George will host the now infamous (from UFO CON 2016) “Who’s Telling the Truth” game. Where Tom Danheiser, Lorien Fenton, and several other radio personalities and researchers will convince you THEY are telling you the Truth!! Lots of laughs – not to be missed!

Right after the Game show ends, Robert Perala and special vocal guests will grace the stage with musical entertainment and George will join them. Frank, Elvis, and others will be “in the house”!



Pre-Conference SPECIAL GUESTS & FILM NIGHT - Sat 3/23: SPEAKERS & BLASTING TO THE PAST! UFO Films of the 50's, 60's and 70's!

We are working on bringing some “interesting people” to share their information starting in late afternoon when registration begins on Saturday before the conference. Later in the evening we will BLAST TO THE PAST! UFO Short Films of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

Stand by for new information as we shore up the schedule!

FILM NIGHT - Sunday 3/24


FILM NIGHT - Monday 3/25: JIM NICHOLS – UFOS and Flying Saucers: The Jim Nichols Story

UFOS and Flying Saucers: The Jim Nichols Story

Jim Nichols new film is a candid personal review of the Flying Saucer mystery dating from the 1950s and how over seventy years that mystery has impacted today’s modern culture. Jim shares nostalgic, entertaining, informative and challenging insights based on his many decades of UFO research. You don’t want to miss this film from one of the long standing “masters” of the visual perspective of the UFO phenomenon – as both an illustration and a film maker.

Jim will give a brief introduction of the film and after  will open the floor for a Q & A session.

n Coming Soon!

FILM NIGHT - Tuesday 3/26


FILM NIGHT - Thursday 3/28: The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of John F. Kennedy

PRODUCER’S NOTE: Lorien Fenton has been a long time JFK Assassination Truth supporter and has been on the front lines in the JFK community to bring the amazing researchers and remaining assassination witnesses to the public through her JFK conferences. The reason you are seeing a “JFK movie” on a UFO conference schedule is becasue the parallels between the Alphabet Agencies, our Military, and the MAIN STREAM MEDIAS’ COVERUP of UFO TRUTH is mindbogglingly similar. As Lorien has always said, “if you dig into the JFK assassination, you will find a UFO and a Alien body – that JFK knew about”.

The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of John F. Kennedy

JOHN BARBOUR, a Canadian native, is recognized as “the Father of Reality TV” with five Emmy Awards to his credit. Known for his numerous TV programs, including “NBC’s trendsetting hit ‘Real People,” NBC’s award-winning “Critic-at-Large” and “AM LA,” the witty and talented Barbour is the only person to have won Emmy’s in both Entertainment and News. As a stand-up comic, and as a writer for politicians and personalities such as Frank Sinatra, John has enjoyed an inside view of media politics.

His interest in the Kennedy assassination has been long and professional. He produced The Garrison Tapes (John filmed Garrison personally). The tapes are also available on Amazon (The Last Word on the Assassination). John says: “In spite of great reviews, winning the San Sebastian Film Festival and enormous success around the world, The Garrison Tapes has been almost totally blacked out by America’s mainstream media.” His newest project is The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy — a film you don’t want to miss.

WEBSITE: JFK-Media-Assassination.com



SUNDAY 3/24 - PIZZA & PASTA BAR (Included in Packages)

Pizza and Pasta Bar with Wine

Al La Carte Price: $39




Join us for a very special, intimate dinner. More information coming soon.

PRICE $75.00 (limited seating)

** NOT included in Packages **


Taco Bar with Beer

A-La-Carte Price: $39

— Included in Packages —


Join us for a very special, intimate dinner. More information coming soon.

PRICE $75.00 (limited seating)

** NOT included in Packages **

SATURDAY 3/30: BUFFET BANQUET - with Keynote Speakers, Raffle, Entertainment and MORE!