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INTIMATE EXPERIENCER GROUPS – 4 DAYS – Sun 3/24, Tues. 3/26, Thurs. 3/28, Sat. 3/30
OPEN TOPIC EXPERIENCER GROUPS – 3 DAYS – Mon. 3/25, Wed. 3/27, Fri. 3/29

DATES & TIMES: LUNCH BREAKS (7 Days) Sunday 3/24 – Saturday 3/20
INTIMATE GROUPS – $5 per Session


Certified Hypnotherapist and/or MFT’s who are joining us at UFO MEGA CON and leading our Intimate Experiencer Groups:
Miesha Johnson – Barbara Lamb – Carol McLeod – Mary Rodwell

    I AM AN EXPERIENCER: But am I an Abductee or Contactee?

    This group will examine the differences between the “Abductee” and the “Contactee”. We will discuss what it’s like to live a life facing love or fear, why the difference – is it perceived?
    MILABS: Is the Military Involved in Your Experience?

    If you have had any Military involvement, this is the group for you.
    I SAW A UFO: Am I an Experiencer?
    Does “seeing” a UFO make you a contactee or an observer?
    Managing Your Muti-Dimensional Experience

    How do you manage your ‘intuitive’ awareness? What ’tools will be helpful to feel more confident with your awareness,  abilities and communication?
ODD DAY TOPICS: “Therapist Choice”

These ODD DAY OPEN TOPIC GROUPS (one large group) are less intimate, but a good place to jump in if you have never been to a group session before.

  • Monday 3/25: Miesha Johnston
  • Wednesday 3/27: Barbara Lamb
  • Friday 3/29: Mary Rodwell


Join our many Hypnotherapist and/or MFT Therapists in one of our break-out Experiencer Group sessions. We are introducing the “Gold Standard” of Experiencer Groups at UFO MEGA CON – the “Intimate Experiencer Group”.

The backstory…

In 2016 Lorien Fenton (Conscious Community Events) produced UFO CON: The Experiencer Event in Sacramento, CA where 12 Experiencers took the stage sharing their amazing contact. The criteria presented to each speaker was that you could not just tell the story of your contact experience, but needed to try, to the best of your ability, to describe your ET’s physical appearance and demeanor and, more importantly, the relationship you have/had with this being(s). Basically, how you interacted and what the connection was. They stories covered ET’s ranging from angels to demons, reptilians to light beings, greys to fairies.

As part of the conference, Lorien decided it was time for the experiencer group leaders to also become specific in their approach to working with the group attendees. Just as certain therapists specialize in addiction, depression, fear and anxiety, etc. Lorien explained to the group leaders that they would overseeing groups of “specifically defined contact”. Hence, the “Intimate Experiencer Group” was born.




MIESHA JOHNSTON is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in ET Experiencer Regressions, Past Life Regression and Trauma Recovery Hypnosis. She offers Galactic Multi-Dimensional Sessions. She is a Trance channel who speaks many Galactic Light Languages and she facilitates many Experiencer groups. Miesha is an author of 3 books. She has been on many Radio shows since 1999 and has her own show, Starseed Awakening, on KCORradio.com. She has spoken throughout the western states and has been on European, Canadian and Russian TV.

In 1991, she founded the STAR FAMILY CONTACTEE GROUPS. She started the first teen and children’s groups in the United States in 1992 She was director of U.F.O.C.C.I. She was a working group member of Steven Greer’s C.S.E.T.I. In Las Vegas, Nevada. She facilitates two groups monthly in Las Vegas; She also facilitates 2 groups a week on virtual internet Zoom; Starseed Experiencer Support Groups. She is Director of the UFO Group of Las Vegas. She is owner of Vector 5 Tours – a night vision goggle UFO tour business. For more information about Miesha visit her websites:

BARBARA LAMB graduated from Mount Holyoke College where she received her B.A. in philosophy, and received her M.A. in behavioral science from University of LaVerne in California.  She specializes in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial beings.  Trained in Regression Therapy for several years during the 1980s by the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT), she began working with ET experiencers in 1991.  She has conducted regressions with more than 1,400 people totaling more than 2,400 regressions to these types of encounters.

Barbara has taught workshops for Regression Therapists to train them in doing regression therapy with experiencers of extraterrestrial contact through the following organizations:  The Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT), the Professional Institute for Regression Therapy (PIRT), the International Board of Regression Therapies (IBRT), and other training agencies.  She is currently the President of The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), is a past Board Member of The Journal of Abduction – Encounter research (JAR).

Over the past 20 years Barbara has presented lectures on the subject of extraterrestrial encounters across the United States, Canada, England and Belgium, including to the International UFO Congress, the Bay Area UFO Expo, Star Knowledge Conferences, Whole Life Expos, Conscious Life Expos, Brain-Mind Symposiums, and various Mutual UFO Network chapters.  She has been interviewed on numerous national television shows including Encounters, The Other Side, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and WE Channel.  She has also been interviewed on various radio programs, on the air and on the Internet.  Barbara, also a noted crop circle researcher, co-authored her first book, Crop Circles Revealed, with Judith K. Moore in 2001.  She co-authored her second book, Alien Experiences, with Nadine Lalich in 2008.

CAROL McLEOD, MS/ATR-BC(ret), CHT: Multifaceted New Age Shaman (artist, musician and healer)
Carol has making alien statues and alien themed jewelry and transferring their care at UFO shows for several years now. She also attends as many conferences as possible in order to drum up interest in her Starfield Foundation’s book, The Alchemical Manual for This Millennium, transcribed by Aaity Olson from direct alien contact. (On-line at  http://www.afterlifelibrary.com/book-detail/1588/Alchemical-Manual-for-this-Millennium-Vol1-&-2_Aaity-Olson.html)


MARY RODWELL is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). She was born in the United Kingdom (UK) and eventually migrating to Western Australia in 1991, where she currently resides in Queensland. Mary is a former nurse, midwife, and health educator and was employed as a professional counselor for the National Health Service UK and Australian counseling agencies, Silver Chain and Centrecare. Since 1994 Mary has worked in private practice as a professional counselor, hypnotherapist, metaphysical teacher, researcher, author, Reiki Master, and international speaker.

ACERN’s primary role is to offer professional counseling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences, particularly specializing in Abduction-contact experiences.


Also attending the conference is STEVE COLBERN, the associate of the late Dr. Roger Leir – the UFO community’s “implant removal doctor”. Steve will be conducting thorough Implant Scanning which include an extensive report. You need to make an appointment – CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – and pay Steve separately through his website PayPal.

Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with over 20 years of industrial experience and several patents for industrial processes relating to nanotechnology. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes and working to start a nanotechnology company.

In the UFO field, Steve does high-tech analysis of alien implants, UFO crash debris, and other physical evidence found on or around experiencers of alien contact.  He was a partner of the late Dr. Roger Leir from 2008 until his death in 2014 and did analysis on several of the implants that Dr. Leir removed from his patients, including the last three, patients 15, 16, 17.  Steve was also present at these last three implant removal surgeries.

In addition to analysis, Steve is currently doing instrument scans of clients that believe they may have had alien contact for evidence of the presence of alien implants and signs of recent alien contact. 

Steve met Dr. Leir after seeing him as a patient, shortly after a mysterious object appeared in his toe in 2008. Steve’s analyses of these alleged alien implants, including his own, uncovered startling findings that these objects are almost certainly from off planet and are sophisticated nanotechnological devices that monitor the subject they are implanted in.

Steve has two websites, www.alienevidenceinc.webs.com and www.neutronstarnanotech.com and can be contacted at steve@neutronstarnanotech,com or by telephone at (805) 625-2549.

Steve has also appeared on several radio and TV shows, including Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hyperspace and Ravenstar’s Witching Hour with Solaris BlueRaven, Let’s Talk Paranormal with Tracie Austin, and Dreamland with Whitley Streiber.

Steve’s TV appearances have included Alien Intent, produced by Whitley Streiber, several short documentary films by Jaime Mausson, the Watchers DVD series, produced and directed by Richard Shaw, and the documentary Patient 17, directed by Jeremy Corbell.  Steve recently finished an appearance on an episode of UFOs: The Lost Evidence, to be shown later this year on the Travel Channel.