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Hello UFO MEGA CON Followers! I've been getting calls asking "who are your speakers, I don't recognize most of them." AND YOU WON'T. Read on to find out WHY...

Bob Brown and Lorien Fenton came together to produce UFO MEGA CON based on 3 “principles”. They are:

    1. NO SPEAKER IS INVITED UNLESS THEY HAVE NEW INFORMATION:  As a ticket holder you know, most of the “career” UFOlogy speakers talk about the same thing over-and-over and over again; and you see them year after year at the same events. UFO MEGA CON’s criteria to be a speaker is to present new information – which, in turn, brings you new and amazing presenters you never knew about!
      Other producers want you to think you have to see the “most popular” speakers to get the latest information. But, as you probably realize by now, this is a fallacy. The bottom line, other conferences will not take chances on new, never heard (or hardly heard) before speakers – which leads to number 2.
    2. UFO MEGA CON IS NOT OUR LIVELIHOOD:  Bob works part time and Lorien has her own full time business. They have dedicated themselves to bring new and powerful information to the community – that is how they measure success – not by putting a pay check in their pocket. If the event makes a profit, that profit will stay in the bank to support next year’s conference.
    3. HAS TO BE AFFORDABLE:  Do the math! You’ll see that you are getting three meals – Sunday Pizza & Pasta, Wednesday Tacos, a banquet dinner Saturday – all the special evening events, and full days of speakers for less than any other conference being advertised today. Period. (No add on workshop fees!) And our hotel prices are the lowest around.

So, Trust we when we say – BE HAPPY YOU DON’T KNOW WHO MOST OF OUR SPEAKERS ARE! You will be amazed and learn something new and exciting. You’ll leave the conference wondering how other conferences got to the point of passing off people who have never seen a UFO or had Alien contact as “experts” in the field… could it be that they have another agenda besides getting to the TRUTH?

Thanks for reading!
Bob Brown and Lorien Fenton

UFO MEGA CON happens in










Hotel Room Reservation CODE: C-MUF19

Call the Aquarius Hotel Reservation Number – 1-800-662-5825 – give Operator above CODE.

You have a choice of 2 beds or 1 king bed hotel rooms for the discounted price. Make your reservations now… even before you purchase your ticket. Especially if you are going to need a roll-away bed for a third person in the room for an even better overall cost per person.


Sunday – Thursday $40.99+
Friday & Saturday $70.99+

** If you use a debit/credit card to check in, a hold may be placed on your card account for the full anticipated amount for 72 hours from the date of check out or longer at the discretion of your card issuer. Shoulder rates are based on availability and are subject to change at any time. All room types are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

UFO MEGA CON is excited to announce our “Intimate Experiencer Groups”.

What is an “Intimate Experiencer Group”, you ask? To answer that question, let me tell you how this concept came into being.


In 2016, Lorien Fenton (me!), Bob Brown’s business partner for UFO MEGA CON, produced UFO CON: The Experiencer Event in Sacramento California. Lorien had decided to try a new way of conducting experiencer groups, and used this conference as a vehicle to test her concept of “Intimate Groups”.

Her concept was born In 2013. At a large conference, Lorien took part in an experiencer group. The room had over 150 people where about half the room shared a quick recap of what had/was happening in their contact experiences. Lorien was seated next to a man who shared his experience of meeting Pleiadians where he was taken aboard their ship and taught to fly the craft. Lorien spoke next, telling of the night she had seen a large black triangle. The woman sitting next to her shared the story of a life long relationship with a nasty Reptilian that she was trying to stop from happening.

After sitting through everyone’s stories, it was clear that the Therapist couldn’t really help the “group” as a whole becasue so many of the contactees accounts were wildly different from each other. Lorien decided it was time to see if more individualized group sessions – intimate session, if you will – could help the contactees at a deeper level.

Back to UFO CON: The Experiencer Event – that conference had 12 speakers – all contactees. Their experiences ranges from seeing Angels and Demons, to communing with Greys and Reptilians, to white light energy beings and dark shadowy people.

Lorien invited 4 Hypnotherapist to conduct 4 groups – all happening at the same time. The groups that weekend covered these categorizes: Positive contact, Negative contact, contact with Greys and/or Reptilians, contact with Angels, Ascended Masters and/or pure energy beings, MiLab experiencers, having a sighting of a structured craft (not just a light in the sky), and finally, not having any experience at all, that you can recall (why are you at a UFO conference?).

We will be holding these “Intimate Experiencer Groups” at UFO MEGA CON and hope by doing so, a new “standard” is set.


  • The Schedule and break out topics will be posted soon! Please check back often.
  • These are limited seating Groups – 25 people per group.
  • There is $5 charge – per session – available on line soon  – tickets will be available at the conference, if not sold out on line.
  • There will be a .25 charge to purchase online. Example, 4 Groups at $5.25 each = $21.00 (instead of $20) but you are guaranteed a seat at each session.
  • If you are planning on attending more than one group during the week, please purchase in advance.

THANK YOU! Lorien Fenton
Questions? email me at Lorien@ufoMEGAcon.com


In the late 1980s new best friends, the late Col. Wendell Stevens (Ret.) and Bob Brown, realized that virtually all UFO and paranormal themed conventions being offered at the time were not good. By that we mean that they were too expensive; and were just being held to separate the public from their money. Of equal importance, they were disrespectful to both the researchers and the public in that they pitted researchers directly against one another for the public’s’ attention; while giving the delegates searching for knowledge and truth migraines and ulcers with their frustration (no matter how many extra workshop tickets they bought) at not being able to hear everyone they wanted to hear.

Bob and Wendell thought there had to be a better way to do conventions! And there was. And that “better way” became famous worldwide as “The International UFO Congress”. For 20 years (and 23 conventions) they were the longest, best, most affordable, the most life changing, the most truth exposing EVENTS the world had ever seen. And the overriding thought behind every one of those 24 conventions was this: “It does no good to produce the worlds’ best UFO/paranormal EVENT if people can’t afford to be there”.




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